Author: Caren Prentice

For Some Reason I Wait

For reasons that aren’t logical we wait each year for this Activity Card, “Let’s Choose a Charity to Give To,” to show up. We save all the mail and email requests for donations that come in over the fall for when this card is pulled out of the CandleTime bag. Then we finally get to […]

Meditations Work for Little Ones and Parents Too!

Turns out my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter is loving the CandleTime Meditations. Here she is doing the short—2 1/2 minute—meditation on Love in place of the Daily Readings. The smile on her face is because she’s sending a wish of happiness to someone she loves. Thought I’d share that as an option for those […]

Candles with Spoon for Snuffler

So Clever!

Don’t have a candle snuffer? We actually call it a candle snuffler and it’s really useful for keeping candle wax from blowing or spilling onto important things. This creative family used a spoon instead. So clever!